The Eco-school Clubs program

Eco-school is a program   focusing on raising student’s awareness regarding the marine environment in Aqaba to make them more care and concerned about the issues which related with the Marine environment and preparing them for the future.
It is a local program of the AMP (Awareness department) started in 2005 and targeting the Aqaba city schools, Eco-school was already part of some 30 schools of Aqaba city. Aqaba Marine Park looks forward to increasing the Eco- school number in Aqaba   .
The Eco-school clubs  program is annual program   managed by the awareness department in the Aqaba Marine Park  with partnership with the  Ministry of education in Jordan .
AMP in the Eco-School program uses a variety of creative methods, such as fine arts, theatre, internet, interactive programs, games, and much more for spreading environmental awareness.
AMP designed its environmental education programs to improve peoples’ general understanding and awareness of marine environmental issues. In addition to launching awareness programs targeting local community  around Aqaba , encouraging all people to take practical action to help conserve the marine environment  and to  establish a new generation of nature conscious students.
These programs have been shaped with three goals in mind; transfer knowledge, train educators, and take action.