Friends of Aqaba Marine Park Project

Main Partner/ Sponsor : Moon Scouts Group

Stakeholders  : Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority ASEZA- Aqaba Marine Park- Aqaba Islamic Charity Association .

Program Duration: Annual

Targeted Participant : Aqaba’s scouts groups, Age range (12-18) years old

 “Moon Scouts Group” 

Program Subject: Protection of  Aqaba Gulf marine environment .

Program Objectives:  Increase the awareness about;  the importance of protecting the marine environment in Aqaba Gulf, adherence of Aqaba Marine Park instructions, and maintaining the park utilities.

Program Purpose :

1-     Associate the students scout work with the  park’s students awareness programs.

2-     Direct the scouts voluntary work to participate in protecting the marine environment.

3-     Open up the way to the students of the schools’ environmental clubs to join scouts to bring up their voluntary  skills and innovations in the field of marine environment .

4-     Cover up the gaps in the official control and awareness programs regarding the protection of marine environment in Aqaba Marine Park.

5-     Enhance the role of Aqaba’s scouts as an active participant in managing Aqaba Marine Park to communicate the message of protecting the marine environment   to different scouts and students gatherings across the kingdom.

6-     Provide the Marine park technical resources to enhance & improve the scouts skills in local community service.

Objective :

 ” Try to change Aqaba’s marine Park visitor’s behavior through organizing and conducting awareness campaigns by the participated scouts in official holidays ” .

Program Major Output :

A group of scouts (around 30 scouts) in the predefined age range to start cooperate in the Marine Park awareness programs .