Dive Site Management

Scuba diving is one of the main tourist attractions to Aqaba and poses a significant threat to the marine habitats if not monitored and managed to ensure sustainable use of the local reefs. As a result the Aqaba Marine Park developed a comprehensive dive management policy to protect the underwater habitats while permitting access to the various dive sites. Some of the main elements of the dive management policies include:

1. Inspecting and certifying all dive centers in Aqaba.

2. Developing and enforcing diving regulations throughout the marine park, including public awareness activities and installation of signage throughout the park.

3. Designation of dive sites and establishing safe entry and exit areas to protect divers and the fringing coral reef.

4. Installation and maintenance of mooring buoys for boats as anchoring is illegal.

5. Installation of sun shades at each dive site for the comfort of divers and to provide shelter from the summer sun.

6. Continuous monitoring of dive sites to estimate carrying capacities and to initiate rotation of dive sites if sites are stressed due to heavy usage.