Beach Facilities

A series of facilities have been set up by the park to serve the park visitor to, on the one hand make the visitor’s stay in the park more enjoyable and, on the other hand encourage proper visitor behavior to protect the natural environment.


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Beach Facilities:

1) Public Toilets and showers have been provided by the park on various beaches for the use by park visitors.

2) A Camping area has been established at beach no. 4 for the use by campers.  The camp site is serviced by water, electricity, toilets and showers, as well as kiosks and car parks.

3) Three kiosks have been set up along the park beaches to provide additional services to visitors.  These kiosks are run by non-profit organizations.

4) Sun Shades have been installed along various beaches for visitor use.  Furthermore, each dive site is serviced by shaded benches for the use of divers while kitting up and de-kitting to provide relief from the summer sun.

5) Garbage Bins have been installed throughout the park to provide easily accessible garbage disposal facilities for visitors to help keep the park clean.

6) First Aid/Ranger stations have been established at various points throughout the park for the safety of visitors.

7) Park Signage has been installed throughout the park to acquaint visitors with park regulations as well as provide information on commonly seen fish in the park.

8) Watch Towers have been installed along the beaches to provide a platform for park staff to monitor the beaches and ensure visitor safety.

9) Volley ball court and play ground .

10) Barbeque Areas .


Marine Facilities:

1) Three types of buoys are used in the park;

a. White mooring buoys which are for the use of boaters to avoid the use of anchors which damage the sea bed.

b. Park boundary buoys are orange in color and demarcate the park’s marine boundary.

c. Zoning buoys are being installed to demarcate the different boating and non-boating zones in the park.

2) Wooden Jetties have been installed at various points to provide easy entry into the sea without wading across coral reefs as well as to provide easy pick-up and drop-off points for boats .