Visitors Center

Park Visitors Center:

The park’s visitor center is the corner stone of the park’s many facilities and was established to house the park’s administration and to be the focal point of the park’s public environmental education and outreach programs. Environmental awareness activities such as lectures, audio-visual shows and interactive exhibits are part of the park’s efforts to raise awareness of the marine environment and its’ habitats and the need to protect and conserve them. An important part of the park’s management philosophy is the inclusion and partnering with local environmental NGOs  in its activities to reach out to as many of the park’s stake holders as possible.

1. A multi-purpose auditorium

2. The park management’s offices

3. The park rangers’ diving unit

4. Park ranger accommodations

5. 3 Exhibition halls

6. A gift shop

7. A reception area

8. A restaurant

9. An out-door amphitheatre

10. Storage facilities