Park Staff:

Park staff consists of a park manager,  enforcement and field a head , awareness and public relation head , rangers and maintenance staff. Park staff is trained in first aid, rescue skills, scuba diving, boating, and in the enforcement of park regulations. Park staff  have the legal authority to arrest violators of the park regulations.

 Staff duties include:

  • To provide first aid and rescue to injured persons.
  • To generate public awareness of park regulations to protect the natural environment.
  • To patrol the park and to enforce park regulations.
  • To maintain park facilities and ensure their proper use by visitors.
  • To conduct field surveys and studies.
  • To maintain park facilities and equipment.
  • To ensure the cleanliness of the beaches and water.
  • To issue citations for violations of park regulations and to file legal charges against perpetrators.
  • The installation and maintenance of park boundary markers.
  • The management of a public outreach and education campaign to generate awareness about the marine environment.