Fees & Sustainability

Park Fees and Sustainability:

One of the most prominent challenges faced by the park in its quest for sustainability and independence, is the need to become financially self-reliant.

The Aqaba Marine Park by-law No. 22 of 2001 gave the park the legal authority to charge entry fees and service fees against services provided by the park in a first step towards the park’s financial and administrative independence and sustainability. The park generates revenues through fees, fines, leases, donations and grants.

Regulation No. (22) for the Year 2001 Regulation for the Aqaba Marine Park
Issued in Accordance with Paragraph (E) of Article (56) of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law No. (32) for the Year 2000
Article (1)
This Regulation shall be known as the (Regulation for the Aqaba Marine Park for the Year 2001), and shall come into effect as of the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Article (2)
The following words and phrases wherever mentioned in this Regulation shall have the meanings ascribed thereto hereunder unless the context indicates otherwise:
Law Authority Board Chief Commissioner Commissioner Park
Article (3)
: The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law. : The Authority of the Zone. : The Board of Commissioners. : The Chairman of the Board.
: The Commissioner of Environmental Affairs. : The Aqaba Marine Park stipulated in this
Regulation. : All movable and immovable installations and
facilities falling within or at the Park s perimeters such as floating buoys used for defining areas or those used for tying up (anchoring boats), passages installations above corals, fences, visitors services facilities, installations for collecting garbage and solid waste, anchorage facilities, guiding billboards, and other land border marks and others.
The Park s perimeters shall extend from the Marine Science Station north to the Public Security Officers Club south, and 50 meters off the high tide point east to 350 meters off the high tide point west along the shore.
Article (4)
The Park shall aim at achieving the following: A- Reserving the Environment and protecting natural resources in the Park.
B- Improving aestheticism of the Park s shores and waters.
C- Maintaining public safety through regulating and monitoring public activities.
D- Participating in defining and implementing necessary procedures to manage and safeguard all development, scientific, tourist, recreational, navigational and commercial activities whether private or public, which may have an effect on the Park s environment. This shall be done to prevent and mitigate adverse impacts which may result from such activities.
E- Implementing, updating and monitor scientific research programs to rehabilitate coral reefs and other natural resources which are damaged by various activities and any other factors affecting thereon, and overseeing the development of such programs.
F- Facilitating and monitoring the conduct of scientific research programs to prevent the occurrence of any adverse impacts resulting therefrom.
Article (5)
A- A special committee known as the (Aqaba Marine Park Committee) shall be formed in the Authority to administer the Park, under the Chairmanship of the Commissioner, and the membership of the following: – The Park s Manager Vice-Chairman.
– Three Members appointed by the Chief Commissioner upon the Commissioner s recommendation.
B- The Committee shall undertake the following duties: 1- Establishing a policy for the Park s administration, development and
improvement, and submitting such to the Chief Commissioner to be presented
to the Board in order to issue a decision thereon. 2- Preparing an annual administration plan for the Park subject to the Board s
approval, and overseeing the implementation thereof. 3- Defining the allocations necessary for the Park s expenditures to be approved by
the Board and enlisted within the Authority s annual budget. 4- Drafting administrative, financial and technical instructions and submitting them to the Chief Commissioner to be presented to the Board in order to issue a
decision thereon. 5- Any other tasks or functions required for the Park s good performance, or
assigned thereto by the Chief Commissioner or the Commissioner.
Article (6)
A- The Committee shall convene its meetings upon an invitation by the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman in his absence at least once every month. The quorum shall be met upon the attendance of the majority of the members, provided that the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman shall be one of them. The Committee shall issue its decisions by majority vote of its members. If the votes are tied, then the vote of the meeting s Chairman shall be determinant.
B- The Committee shall document all its activities and shall submit its decisions and recommendations to the Chief Commissioner to take the necessary actions thereon.
Article (7)
The Park s annual administration plan shall include the following issues: A- Identifying responsibilities of the Park s staff who are responsible for implementing
the Plan.
B- Defining mechanisms for financing the Park s management requirements.
C- Developing mechanisms of coordination, collaboration and exchange of information between public and private entities relevant to the Park s objectives and activities.
D- Establishing public awareness and knowledge programs relating to the value and fragility of coral reefs and other natural resources in the Gulf of Aqaba and the mechanism of dealing therewith.
E- Defining the requirements and conditions for licensing scientific research and monitoring programs.
F- Defining requirements and conditions for scuba diving centers and water sports.
G- Establishing an environmental monitoring program within the Park and overseeing its implementation and development.
H- Preparing requirements related to the Infrastructure and services rendered at the Park which have an effect on the Park s environment, and defining implementation mechanisms thereof.
I- Regulating hunting processes and defining the procedures thereof.
J- Organizing the Park, and dividing such into areas of designated use, and establishing conditions, restrictions and procedures to be followed in each area.
K- Defining procedures and limits to be followed and adopted to mitigate and limit the damages resulting from various activities.
L- Regulating the use of maritime vessels of all types in the Park.
M- Defining requirements and conditions related to the establishment of tourist and other facilities in the Park.
N- Establishing bases for facilitating all special and public uses of the Park in a manner that insures the safety of the people and the preservation and maintenance of natural resources, the environment and the Infrastructure of the Park.
O- Identifying means of collaboration with relevant international organizations in relation to marine environment management.
P- Any other matters deemed necessary by the Chief Commissioner or the Committee to be added to the plan.
Article (8)
The Committee s Chairman shall be responsible for supervising the good performance in the Park and overseeing the implementation of the activities thereof.
Article (9)
Subject to the provisions of any enacted legislation in the Kingdom, the Board may, upon the Chief Commissioner s recommendation, contract with competent parties to develop the Park in accordance with contracts concluded for this purpose.
Article (10)
Without prejudice to any contract concluded to manage and develop the Park, it shall be prohibited to dispose of the lands located in the Park s area.
Article (11)
A- The amounts incurred to the Park from implementing the provisions of this Regulation and the compensations resulting from violating its provisions shall be allocated in a special account within the Authority s budget to expend therefrom on the purposes and activities of the Park.
B- The Park s Committee may accept donations and grants given thereto subject to the Board s approval, provided that the Council of Minister s approval is secured where the source of such donations is non-Jordanian.
Article (12)
A- Subject to legal liability, it shall be prohibited to undertake any actions or activities or procedures in the Park area that may result in the destruction, damage or deterioration of the natural environment, damage the wild and marine life or affect the esthetic of the Park s area. It shall also be prohibited to make roads or establish agricultural, industrial or residential projects or establish buildings and facilities unless the are designated for visitors.
B- In particular and subject to legal liability, it shall be prohibited to undertake the following:
1- Hunting, transferring, killing or harming land or sea creatures or undertaking any actions that may lead to harming such.
2- Hunting or transferring any creatures or sedimental or organic products such as shells, coral reefs, rocks or soils or taking such for any purpose unless pursuant to a special permit issued by the Chief Commissioner for this purpose.
3- Destroying or transferring plants. 4- Damaging facilities and equipment. 5- Destroying or damaging the geological compositions, or areas that are considered
as habitation of species of animals or plants or for their reproduction or migration. 6- Entering exotic (alien) animal or plant species to the Park s area. 7- Polluting in any manner the soil, water or air of the Park s area. 8- Littering the beach or the sea. 9- Driving vehicles on the beach unless pursuant to a special permit issued by the
Chief Commissioner for this purpose. 10-Camping unless in areas designated pursuant to a special permit issued by the
Chief Commissioner for this purpose.
Article (13)
A- The Park s employees, public security forces and coastal police shall be entitled to seize any offence, organize a violation ticket and undertake any appropriate procedures according to the provisions of enacted legislation, the Law and this Regulation. The forms for the violations minutes and any procedures related thereto shall be specified pursuant to instructions issued by the Board for this purpose.
B- Whoever violates the provisions of this Regulation shall be subject to the penalties stipulated in Article (54) of the Law.
Article (14)
A- The Board shall issue the necessary instructions for implementing the provisions of this Regulation, including the following: 1- Determining the charges collected by the Park s Committee in exchange of
using its facilities and the services rendered therein. 4
2- Regulating hunting processes and the procedures relating thereto. 3- Specifying the forms of adopted documents necessary for expenditure and
receipt and the persons authorized to sign such.
B- The instructions issued in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation shall be published in the Official Gazette.