Legal Mandate

Jordanian legislation as relating to marine conservation is still limited and rudimentary. Up until the end of 2000, Law No. 12 of 1995 (The Law of the Environment) formed the basis of marine conservation and protection. October 1999 saw the release of a by-law addressing the marine environment in greater detail (No.(51) of 1999).

April 2000 saw the Royal Decree declaring the creation of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone and the re-organization of various government agencies in Aqaba, including the ARA. This decree lead to the drafting of new legislation, specifically the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law – law no. (32) for the year 2000.

In accordance with article (56) of the ASEZ law no. (32) Environment By-Law no. (21) and Aqaba Marine Park By-Law no. (22) were issued and ratified in 2001. Further AMP regulations are being drafted to define various issues and activities in the park, including boating, water sports, fees, and other park regulations. These regulations are expected to be adopted in the first quarter of 2002.

Instruction 80 – Testing Air Cylinders in AMP in windows 97
Instruction 81 – Regulating the Dive Centers Licencing at AMP windows 97
Instruction 82 – Regulating of Conducting Scientific Research in AMP windows 97
Instruction 83 – Regulating Entrance into AMP windows 97
Instruction 84 – Regulating the Boats Function in AMP windows 97
Instruction 85 – Regulating Diving in AMP windows 97
Instruction 86 – Regulating the Underwater Cleanup Dive in AMP windows 97
Instruction 87 – Regulating the Service Fees Collection in AMP windows 97
Instruction 106 – Regulation of Camping on the Southern Beach windows 97