Park Zoning:

1. A Strict Reserve Zone: The objective is to preserve a marine community in its natural state by eliminating or reducing as much as possible anthropogenic impacts on the area. These areas are to be used as benchmarks for non-manipulative and non-extractive scientific research to gauge human impacts on the marine ecosystem to promote sustainable management of the existing marine resources. All and any activities without a written permit from the Marine Park authority are prohibited, except through passage.

2. Beach Recreation and Swimming Zone: The objective is to allow for safe beach recreation. Permitted activities include swimming, snorkeling, wading, and diving provided that proper access points are demarcated. Prohibited activities in these areas include general boating (with the exception of dive boats which may moor on designated mooring buoys), jet skiing, water-skiing, fishing and anchoring.

3. Multi Use and Boat Access Corridors: The objective is to provide safe boating passages and access corridors for boats to the beach area without endangering beach goers. This is particularly relevant to glass-boat operators who pick-up and drop-off their guests from the public beaches.

4. Diving and Snorkeling Zones: The objective is to permit safe diving and snorkeling with the purpose of observing, studying or photographing marine life. Access to dive sites is restricted to demarcated shore entry points and to predetermined mooring points for boat access. Dive sites may be subject to periodic closure to give sites a chance to recover from diver impacts. Prohibited activities within this zone include jet-skiing, water skiing, fishing, anchoring, and boating in the vicinity of a ‘diver-down’ flag.

5-Beach Zone: The beach zone encompasses the terrestrial territory of the AMP and is demarcated by 40 cm high natural stone markers 50 m east of the MHW mark. All activities within this area are controlled by the park management and special permits have to be secured from the park management for any activities other than simple beach use by individuals.